National Science Foundation Workshop --
for High School Teachers of Mathematics & Science

Participants Interests and Expectations

Teachers' interests include:
  • Calculus & Statistics mathematical modeling
  • computer technology
  • non-euclidean geometry & AI & controls
  • physics, science & math
  • precalculus & statistics & calculus & control
  • theory
  • computer science
  • bar codes and applications
  • electronics & robotics
  • PIC and PLC programming uses of probability and statistics.

Participants expectations include:

  • I would like to be able to bring control theory concepts to my high school students.
  • To learn about systems and controls as described in the abstracts on the website.
  • I would like to learn about Control Theory.
  • I would like to see how I can incorporate more modelling into the classroom.
  • Gain new knowledge to share with students.
  • Learn about control systems.
  • I hope to learn more about systems and the integration of science, math, and technology.
  • I expect to learn ways to interest students in using math for technology based careers.
  • To be better informed on how control systems technology is involved in our lives.
  • I expect to find new ways to peak students' interests in the areas of math and computers
  • Students in my advanced physics class do a lot of projects. As a result of this workshop and subsequent contacts, I should be able to help those who want to do projects in and related to robotics more than I have.
        I also develop physics experiments and demonstrations for national organizations, and it seems likely that I could come up with deeper versions of these by using variations on "control systems" more.
       Possibly my biggest expectation is the enrichment and new insights that come from getting together with a group of people enthusiastic about a focused topic..

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Updated 06/23/00