National  Science  Foundation Workshop --
for High School Teachers of Mathematics & Science

Statement of Needs and a List of Topics

The need of modern industry for well-trained systems scientists is growing and changing, due to the marketplace pressures and the advances in technology. Future generations of our students will have to be broadly educated to cope with cross-disciplinary applications and rapidly changing technology. The backgrounds of our students are changing too. They are better prepared to work with modern computing technologies. Thus the time is ripe for major renovations in mathematics and science education in high school. It is important to develop a cross-disciplinary set of examples, demonstrations and laboratory exercises that illustrate systems and control across the entire spectrum of mathematics and science. We will share with high school teachers our successful control stories, existing tools and experiments. There is much to be gained by the sharing of educational experiences and practices.

The outcomes of the first workshop are expected to be of global interest and applicability. It is expected to make high school teachers of mathematics and science more aware of the fundamental importance of the control systems technology in the day-to-day lives of people everywhere.

Topics: Robotics, feedback control, epilepsy, from earth to moon, squeak language, MATLAB and control, animation.


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Last updated April 5, 2000