Education Liaisons of the IFAC Technical Committees

Mission & Goals


Messages & Reports


To promote control education in all technical areas of IFAC.


  • To report and share control education activities through the IFAC TC Liaisons to Education Newsletter.
  • To serve as the editorial board for control resources library and/or new journal on education with its special issues devoted to various technical areas.
  • To sponsor summer workshops, institutes, and schools.
  • To promote the broader impact of automatic control through outreach programs such as workshops for high schools students and teachers, special sessions, and through developing plain talks and videos by young scientists in each technical area for a wide range of audiences.


Vicenç Puig, Education Liaison for IFAC TC 6.4. Fault Detection, Supervision & Safety of Techn. Processes - SAFEPROCESS
"I can promote the importance to link the research that is being done in the TC6.4 (Supervision and Fault Diagnosis) to the teaching activities in the Academia. In fact, this area is very new and not many Universities are offering courses related with Supervision and Fault Diagnosis."

Carlos Ocampo-Martinez, Education Liaison for IFAC TC 8.3. Modelling and Control of Environmental Systems
"This TC aims at performing exciting research in all topics related to air, land and water (environmental systems), how they are represented, modeled and how we can manage them in such a way they can be exploited efficiently, taking care of the influence of the society over them. In few works, we develop methodologies for describing how the environmental systems behave and, according to global and/or particular problems and objectives, how to design control strategies applied to them. For instance, most of our researchers work on water, in order to know the main problems of this important resource and then proposing the way, techniques and tools for solving those problems and ensuring the proper exploitation."

List of IFAC Technical Areas.

Control Resources Library.

IFAC Technical Board (TB) Liaison to Education:

The TB Liaison to Education serves as the coordinator for the TC Liaisons to Education reports to the Chair of the TB.
Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

Professor of Mathematics
Courtesy Professor of EECS & AE
University of Kansas
Mathematics Department
405 Snow Hall
Lawrence, KS 66045
Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
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