Recent Lecture and Symposia Invitations

  1. Dynamical Systems and Applications IV, (plenary speaker), 16-18 June 2016, Institute of Mathematics, Lodz Institute of Technology, Lodz, Poland.

  2. Panelist in Panel Session at the First Workshop on Integrating Research and Teaching, The IFAC Advances in Control Education Symposium, 1-3 June, Bratislava, Slovakia.

  3. Stochastic Adaptive Control of Markov Chains – Talk Dedicated to Petr Mandl, Charles University, May, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic.

  4. Talk: Thirty Five Years Ago – System Identification and Estimation, Hungarian Academy of Science, May, 2016, Budapest, Hungary.

  5. Talk: Thirty Five Years Later – On Stochastic Adaptive Control, Institute Of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Science, May, 2016, Warsaw, Poland.

  6. Keynote Speaker for the Instrumentation & Measurement Conference, 25-28 May 2016, Taiwan.

  7. Recent Advances in Stochastic Adaptive Control, Colloquium, April 2016, Department of Mathematics, University at Buffalo, SUNY.

  8. Some stochastic differential games with state dependent noise, IEEE Conf. Decision and Control, Dec. 2015, Osaka, Japan.

  9. Control of Linear Systems with Exponential Cost, International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM), August, 2015, Beijing, China.

  10. Control of linear stochastic systems with state dependent noise, First IFAC Conf. on Modelling, Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 2015.

  11. Discrete Time Linear Exponential Quadratic Gaussian Control, Mathematical Cybernetics: Hybrid, Stochastic and Decentralized Systems (international workshop in honour of the 70th birthday of Professor Peter E. Caines), Carleton University, Ottawa, May 28-29, 2015.

  12. Fifty Years Later – Reflections from the Classroom of the First Year Study of Mathematics at Warsaw University, 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Antonio, TX, 10-13 January, 2015.

  13. Linear-quadratic control with general noise processes (with T. E. Duncan), 53rd Conf. Decision and Control, Los Angeles, 15-17 December 2014.

  14. Some results on optimal control for a partially observed linear stochastic system with an exponential quadratic cost (with T. E. Duncan), IFAC World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 24-29 August, 2014.

  15. Solvability for Stochastic Control Problems with an Arbitrary Noise Process, University of Michigan, 24 October, 2013.

  16. 26th IFIP TC7 Conference on System Modelling and Optimization, Klagenfurt, Austria, 9-13 September, 2013.

  17. Invited to Banach Center Conference Advances in Mathematics of Finance, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland, June 2013.

  18. 30 years later: Discrete Time Linear Quadratic Control with Arbitrary Correlated Noise, International Banach Center Conference on Stochastic Analysis and Control, 50 Years of Scientific Activities of Professor Jerzy Zabczyk, Bedlewo, Poland, 5-10 May, 2013.

  19. KU Center for Data Analysis, March 2013.

  20. Public Library, Independence, Kansas, February 2013.

  21. KU Student Involvement Leadership Center, February 2013.

  22. Stochastic Methods and Models for Autonomy and Data-to-Decision (with T. Duncan), Data to Decision & Autonomy Workshop, Defense Science Institute - Creating Defense Science Research Networks For Australia, Melbourne, Australia, 9-10 July, 2012.

  23. Linear exponential quadratic gaussian control for stochastic partial differential equations (with T. Duncan), 20th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS 2012), Melbourne, Australia, 9-13 July, 2012.

  24. Control of some partially observed linear stochastic systems with fractional Brownian motions (with T. Duncan), 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Orlando, Fl, 12-15 December, 2011.

  25. Control and Adaptive Control, Mathematics Department, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, October 2011

  26. On the Control of Completely and Some Partially Observed Stochastic Systems with Fractional brownian Motions (with T. Duncan), Invited talk in Special Session on Stochastic Analysis, Control, Computation, and Applications at the Markov and Semi-Markov Processes and Related Fields Conference, Porto Carras Grand Resort, Chalkidiki, Greece, September 20-23, 2011. [photos]

  27. Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching and Research, Plenary talk at the 6th Ph.D Students and Young Scientists Conference, Warsaw, Poland, 19-22 September, 2011

  28. Linear-quadratic control for some stochastic equations in a Hilbert space with a fractional Brownian motion, Invited talk in Mini-symposium on Stochastic Modeling and Control at the 25th IFIP TC7 Conference on System Modeling and Optimization, Berlin, Germany, 12-16 September, 2011

  29. Control of Some Linear Stochastic Equations in a Hilbert Space Driven by a Fractional Brownian Motion with a Quadratic Cost, Invited talk at the XL Conference on Applications of Mathematics ( Konferencja Zastosowan Matematyki), Zakopane, Poland, 30 August - 6 September, 2011

  30. Control of some linear equations in a Hilbert space with fractional Brownian motions (with T. Duncan and B. Maslowski), 18th IFAC World Congress, Milano, Italy, 28 August - 2 September 2011

Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

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